About Captain's Profits

Captain’s Profits

I go by the name Captain, reason being is I have a long history of leadership throughout my life. I’ve been through many of careers in my life and am blessed to learn and take as much as I can from each journey. I’ve fought fires and saved lives, gave people homes and hopes for the future, coached and led young men to glory, and not only given people financial freedom but overall increased their quality of life dramatically for themselves and their loved ones. My passion for sports began as a young boy, but my passion for sports handicapping didn’t begin until I was able to consistently pick NFL winners for my father and his fire station when I was just in grade school. I’ve handicapped sports nearly my entire life and didn’t realize I could touch and help as many people as I could until I was hired by Elite Arena and some of the finest in the industry.

Nowadays my favorite thing to do help anyone I can gain extra income and financial freedom. When I’m not handicapping I am traveling the country and the world, visiting ballparks and attending sporting events, golfing, or at the sportsbook in my new hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am here to help you along every step of the way, now grab a pass and let’s make YOU some money.